Legends Pizza



Pizza prices

Small $8.00 Medium $14 Large $23.00 Giant $25.50

Gluten Free - Large size only +$2.00

Half / Half - Large and Giant only

We make our pizza bases slightly larger than the big brand pizzas! and are always generous with our fresh and tasty toppings.

Lunch Special (until 2pm) - Any Medium Pizza only $10




Supreme Legend
Ham, pineapple, olives, onion, capsicum, mushroom, prawns, pepperoni, garlic

Hawaiian Legend
ham, pineapple

Meaty Legend
Ground beef, ham, onion, mushroom, capsicum, bacon, garlic

Itaiano Legend
Ham, olives, onion, fresh tomato, anchovies, mixed herbs, garlic

Ground Beef, onion, capsicum, bacon, egg, garlic


VEGETARIAN -------------------------------------------------------

Fresh tomato, garlic, oregano

Potato Legend
Ground beef, onion, potato, garlic

New York Legend
Baby spinach, onion, chunky fetta

Garlic Mushroom Legend
garlic butter, double mushrooms, spinach, feta, fresh tomato

Vegetarian Legend
Olives, pineapple, onion, mushroom, capsicum, fresh tomato, garlic

Greek Legend
Olives, fresh tomato, onion, roasted eggplant, char-grilled capsicum, fetta, anchovies (optional)

Olive Tapenade
Olive tapenade, fresh tomato, garlic, feta, fresh avocado, mozzarella

Spinach & Pumpkin
Spinach, onion, feta, roasted pumpkin


CHICKEN ----------------------------------------------------------------

Chicken Legend
Chicken, pineapple, capsicum, mushroom, garlic

Malaysian Satay Legend
Satay Sauce, chicken, pineapple, capsicum, onion, mushroom, garlic

Tandoori Chicken Legend
Tandoori chicken, onion, fresh yogurt, coriander

BBQ Chicken Legend
Chicken, bbq sauce, onion, mushroom, peperoni, garlic


OCEAN -------------------------------------------------------------------

Bay Legend
Olives, prawns, muscles, clams, garlic

Boardrider Legend
Baby spinach, capsicum, char-grilled capsicum, extra prawns, peperoni, garlic


SPICY ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Red Devil Legend
Chilli Sauce, ham, mushroom, capsicum, peperoni, garlic

Mexican Legend
Salsa, ground beef, capsicum, onion, jalapenoes, garlic



Your Legend
The choice of your own toppings from above

Free Extras
Chilli flakes, anchovies, mixed herbs, oregano, and anything above...









Extras ------------------------------

Garlic Bread..... $ 4

Herb & Garlic Pizza Bread
Sm..... $ 6
Med..... $ 10
Lrg..... $15

Beef Lasange..... $ 9.50

Large range of drinks, chocolate
& snacks avalible, ask for info

Ice Creams -------------------

Morning feed

Byrons Best
Egg & Bacon Roll
..... only $4

Fresh Organic Coffee
Small..... $3
Large..... $3.50



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